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With over 70 years combined experience handling injury cases, we can help with losses caused by car, truck, and motorcycle collisions, defective products, negligent security, premises liability, workplace injuries, wrongful death, and contested wills and trusts. Most cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. There is never a charge for an initial consultation.
My husband was in a car accident, and it was a very stressful time for us. He suffered a head injury, but we really didn’t know who to call. A dear friend referred us to Barry Goodman, and it was the best decision we made to hire them. Barry and his amazing staff took over the case and were in constant communication with us every step of the way. Their experience and attention to detail was evident. They didn’t rush the process which led to a very satisfactory settlement! We appreciate all they did for us and would highly recommend their firm moving forward. Thank you.
I would highly recommend attorney Goodman. After my accident, he and his team advocated for me and made sure that I had the support I needed. They communicated with me during the entire process and were always there to answer any questions I had. They took care of everything and got me a fair settlement, more than I had expected. Thank you, Attorney Goodman!
Exceptional Legal Representation
I cannot express my gratitude enough for the outstanding legal services provided by Barry Goodman and his team. I’ve retained Barry’s services many many times over the last 10+ years, and each time I had a tremendously favorable outcome. Barry and his staff are always easy to work with and strive to get cases closed quickly and efficiently. After being involved in a challenging accident case where I was hit by a car in February 2022, Mr. Goodman's expertise and dedication were instrumental in securing a favorable outcome. He navigated the complex legal landscape with precision, leaving no stone unturned to ensure justice was served. His commitment to my case, coupled with his in-depth knowledge of personal injury law, was truly impressive. I highly recommend Barry Goodman to anyone seeking a dedicated and skilled accident injury lawyer. Thank you for turning a difficult situation into a successful resolution.
Last year I was injured in an automobile accident and contacted Michael for assistance. He and Saniyyah were excellent and handled everything with the insurance companies, so I was able to focus on my recovery. Ultimately, Michael negotiated aggressively on my behalf and secured a much fairer settlement than I could ever have managed on my own. Michael is a true professional and I am grateful to have had his support navigating this difficult process.
Words cannot express our utmost gratitude for Goodman & Goodman, LLP. When injured in an accident, you're unfortunately left confused and uncertain of the next steps. One should feel reassured there is a legal team of integrity at their side. Goodman & Goodman, LLP provides stellar professionalism and customer service. My Husband and I were involved in two separate auto collisions and sustained personal injuries. In both cases, the team went above and beyond to not only support our healing journeys, but to ensure we received compensation. Thank you, Goodman & Goodman, LLP for your support through the years.
I was 100% satisfied with the service provided by the firm. I want to say a special thanks to the entire staff. Thank you for your kindness and your professional service. From the bottom of my heart
"It wasn't long ago that I was impacted by a traumatic car accident that rippled effects throughout my life. Thankfully, in the wake of the incident I was put into contact with Michael Goodman through my acupuncturist. With the help of him and his staff, I was able to navigate through the stressful litigation of my case. In knowing that he had my best interest at heart, I was allowed the fortune to be able to focus on my healing. I was certain that he was working diligently and never felt like I was getting lost in the shuffle. In the end, my family and I felt highly satisfied with the services and counsel received from Mr. Goodman. Without reservation, I would recommend him to my closest of friends and family."
"We began working with Michael Goodman a couple months after our daughter was in a car accident. Initially, we failed to contact an attorney believing that we could deal with the insurance, since the driver that hit our vehicle used the same company. To our surprise it became far more serious, our daughter sustained injuries that would be life altering. Upon working with Michael, we realized that he and his staff were in control, so we were able to focus on our daughter’s healing. Mr. Goodman kept us in the loop throughout the process. We were happy that he was in our corner, without reservation we would gladly recommend his services."
"Both Mike and Barry Goodman were great at helping me get through a very difficult time in my life; injured by someone else's carelessness, they spent lots of time with me and gave me an overall understanding of the personal injury law process and timeline. Their assistants are prompt, organized, and professional, and all my questions were answered in a timely manner.

Although I would have preferred to not be injured to begin with, Goodman & Goodman kept me well informed and handled everything through the course of my case. Their communication skills, response to questions, and handling of the outcome was the most positive experience I have ever had with a group of attorneys."
"I want to send out a warm thank you to Mr. M. Goodman and his law firm. I can’t say enough about how great they were to me and my family through everything. It was like they were my family, always helpful and understanding. The Goodman law firm will stand by you, through it all!! I have recommended them several times and would again and again. Thank you again to Goodman & Goodman law firm. And want to send out a personal thank you Mr. M. Goodman’s paralegal and secretary --y’all rock!!!"
"In a few short words I can speak so many great things about Goodman & Goodman. First, they are real people!! Meaning that it’s not about money. They are so helpful and honestly care for and about you like you are family. The whole staff treats you very well. Super high standards. When they start your case they are on your side till the end and after it’s done, they still care. I don’t think it’s nothing Mike or his staff can’t do. I can’t speak for anyone else. But If I call, I always get a call back. Mike answers for me during off time. Even on vacation. Not even upset he was the same concerned Mike. I can recall being frustrated with the time frame of my settlement. Mike contacted me and helped me at a time when my whole life was totally upside down. There is nothing in the world they wouldn’t do for you. I have referred people to Attorney Goodman, and he talked to them even though it wasn’t anything he could do for their situation. But he pointed them in the right direction. I had my experience with the lawyers from the TV commercials. And they tell you so many lies. Not Mike and his team. Life is so hard when you are hurt and can’t provide for yourself or your family. My lawyer is right there 1,000,000%. I don’t think I could ever do anything to show them how much Love and appreciation I have for Goodman and Goodman. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thanks for the years of over and beyond services. You guys are my extended family. Thanks, Thanks and Thanks!!"
"I am extremely happy with the professional services of Mr. Barry Goodman’s law office. He made every attempt to meet my needs and succeeded my expectations. I would (and have been) recommending Attorney Barry Goodman to everyone I know. He is the man to get the job done, and with great results."