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For nearly 30 years, Goodman & Goodman, LLP has been the firm residents turn to when they need an Atlanta car accident lawyer they can trust. Our experience in handling accident and injury cases has led to millions of dollars in awards for personal injury lawsuits and claims.

At Goodman & Goodman, LLP, we are simply in it to win it. By this we mean that each accident attorney Atlanta professional on our team delivers aggressive injury litigation from start to settlement. Each of the Atlanta personal injury lawyers in our firm specializes in complex and economically significant cases involving car accidents, workers compensation, products liability, medical malpractice and premises liability claims.

Every personal injury lawyer Atlanta professional on our team is committed to providing clients with expertise in representation. We are here not only to fight for our clients' rights, but also to stand by them throughout the legal process. We know what it takes to support accident and injury victims as they navigate the complex and often confusing realm of personal injury law. Our trial lawyers have successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases for accident and injury victims by getting them the compensation they deserve.

While the legal professionals at Goodman & Goodman could have selected any area of law to practice, each Atlanta personal injury specialist on our team chose to represent accident victims. In fact, our law practice has always specialized in personal injury law because we believe that we can do the best job possible by concentrating in one area of the law. We represent only injured persons and their families. We do not and will not represent insurance companies, governmental organizations or corporations.

Unlike most Atlanta personal injury law firms, your primary contact at Goodman & Goodman, LLP will be directly with your injury lawyer Atlanta professional. We pride ourselves on direct and timely communication with our clients. We work hard for our clients and do what it takes to get the job done.

Our well-managed staff of personal injury attorney Atlanta professionals works together as a team towards the common goal of providing high quality legal services. We are committed to achieving the best results we can for each and every client. Your case, no matter how big or small, is important to us. We will keep you advised about all aspects of your personal injury case. If you have a question, we are just a phone call away.

Our philosophy is simple; we are trial lawyers. Every personal injury attorney Atlanta professional on our team is ready, willing and prepared to take cases to trial to get our clients the best possible results. In fact, we take each personal injury case with the expectation that a trial before a jury will be needed, and prepare your case thoroughly with this in mind.

At Goodman & Goodman, we also understand the importance of paying attention to details. It is the details of a legal case that make the difference between winning and losing. Witnesses are interviewed, medical records analyzed, and expert witnesses are retained. Settlement before trial is always welcome, but settlements must be on terms favorable to our client. We will not let an insurance company dictate a resolution of your case. We pursue settlement negotiations from a position of confidence and strength. You can count on every personal injury lawyer Atlanta professional on our team to take this approach. It is simply our commitment to serving your best interests that drives us forward.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to another person's negligence, the law firm of Goodman & Goodman, LLP is here to help. When you need an Atlanta car accident lawyer, our team is here to assist. Just call us today for a free consultation.

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Have you or someone you love been in an accident? You need an experienced and efficient law firm to ensure you get the compensation you or they deserve. Call our personal injury lawyers Atlanta. We have the passion, dedication, and legal awareness to address your needs.

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