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Injured in a motorcycle accident? Atlanta accident attorneys are here to help.

Motorcycles have always been the image of independence and freedom in America; but, motorcycles also cause a need to seek Atlanta injury lawyers when an accident occurs. This freedom comes at a dangerous cost; many motorcycle riders who do everything possible to be safe on the roads can still be victims of other unsafe drivers. The number of motorcycle fatalities has increased by 89% since 1997, which can largely be attributed to more people purchasing motorcycles, but also highlights the dangers of having more of these bikes on the road. Even while wearing a helmet, serious and often fatal injuries can occur; every precaution in the world can be taken, yet it only takes another motorist a second of inattention to cause a destructive accident for a motorcycle rider. Our Atlanta personal injury team wants to help you.

Whether a motorist crossed over an undivided highway or made an illegal turn to cause an accident, it is important know what you are entitled to when your motorcycle is hit. In the Atlanta region, these accidents occur on a regular basis; the knowledge and guidance of injury lawyers can help you through any and all questions you might have. The team at Goodman & Goodman LLP has over 25 years of successful litigation with accident and personal injury claims.

When an Atlanta car accident attorney from the firm of Goodman & Goodman is selected to represent a case, victims can expect nothing less than expert handling from beginning to end. Our auto accident attorney specialists have experience handling claims involving catastrophic auto injuries. We fully understand the laws governing lawful death in the state of Georgia, and help families recover full compensation from the person or company that has cause a fatal or tragic accident, be it a car, motorcycle or truck.

Contact Goodman & Goodman LLP when you need injury lawyers. With over 25 years of experience and a proven track record of success for their client's cases, the injury attorney team at Goodman & Goodman LLP will meet and exceed your expectations.

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